We build

Building is perhaps one of the oldest disciplines of human history, but not always the easiest. move konzept changes all that!

After the details of construction and the lift system, as well as given modifications, have been discussed in detail with the customer, the project is carefully planned. You get all the information about on-site services in advance and determine the timing with us.

We take on the communication with the site management in order to guarantee the correct preparation of a site. Everything is organized in a way that allows for a smooth start with the installations as soon as the material is delivered.

move konzept works with a specialized and simple method. It uses modular structures which are screwed together. This guarantees a precise and very aesthetically-pleasing finish, compared to the welding system with its weld spots. With this innovative system and the highly professional installation staff, a scaffolding-free installation is carried out, saving not just money, but also lots of time.

Cost-effective and fast doesn’t mean dangerous! Installation is undertaken by specialized staff and follows the strictest safety guidelines. The incorporation of the elevator and, if applicable, the structure for space extension are carried out by the same team. This one-team approach guarantees a uniform work flow.

The assembly time of a structure is 6 meters per day. In this way, care is taken above all to ensure that the residents are affected as little as possible.

Once construction is complete, the fun really begins … Imagine that the elevator now is a friend – Move Box –

The commissioning with the consultant and technical director of move konzept includes full explanations and details of the characteristics of your elevator. Here the Move Box is adjusted and customized according to the customer’s wishes. The setting options are infinite and will really add to the pleasure of using the elevator. Whether the choice is for an automatic greeting, a longer stop on a floor of your choice, light settings or display functions, comfort is optimized. move konzept believes that the customer and users should decide which features your elevator should have. Our job is not done until you’re satisfied!

All plants are certified by the TÜV safety standards authority. In this way we guarantee that we meet the applicable construction and elevator standards. The individual certification for the concept is handed over to the customer.

One project, one team, a 100% satisfied customer! That’s our motto!