We Design

Have you ever wondered what potential is still hidden in your real estate? move konzept will show you: A to Z.

We work with the owners to optimize the current state of the building. The adventure begins with a customized on-site consultation. Various options and circumstances are then examined. Important values ​​are established so that our specialists can analyze the various options. Next, a concept is presented, and we work on it until your requirements are 100% satisfied. Flexibility is one of our strengths, and we want to prove that with every concept.

Whether you’re planning an elevator in your building or seeking to modernize the existing lift, we offer you the best solutions adapted to your needs.

We bring mobility into your property. This is our task and therefore it’s the heart of the company. Nowadays we should be able to eliminate architectural limits that create barriers.

move konzept aims to provide a new perspective on buildings with a unique and individualized system.  The installation of an elevator in a building without current mobility systems enhances the quality of life of the residents, and increases the comfort and value of the property.  Everyone enjoys the benefits of an elevator: older people, people with reduced mobility, people with strollers or shopping bags.

The conditions of each building and stairwell are very individual. There are buildings that allow for the installation of a shaft and an elevator internally. In such cases, the stair system will only be modulated. Buildings that do not have space available can be extended by external shafts, with the staircase system as well as the facade being adapted to the alteration.

The range includes elevator solutions to make optimum use of the building space for existing buildings where changes to the stair system or shafts seem impossible.

Imagine that our elevator systems will bring mobility on the one hand, and, on the other hand, will change the whole design of the building. The introduction of glass elements improves the lighting conditions, and thus lowers energy consumption We give you the opportunity to adapt our products to your needs. Your building will shine in a new light!

Extension of living space is another option move konzept offers. The opportunity to create balconies and terraces comes about by attaching or removing different constructions – and so the optimization is not only functional, but also has aesthetic value.

Alteration of the building and the modernization of elements such as doors, windows and staircases are undertaken entirely by move konzept, to guarantee a uniform design.

There are (almost) no limits in design, colours and materials.  Get in touch with us to give shape and colour to what YOU want….